CRASH MY DEVILLE - Please Glamour, Don’t Hurt Them

Crash My Deville - Please Glamour, Don’t Hurt Them

12 songs
47:23 minutes
***** ***


Crash My Deville’s musical spectrum is extremely broad and contains different elements such as metalcore, emo, screamo and punk. The band, formed in 2002, is quite active concerning tour activities and still found the time to release so far two EPs and two longplayers.

The Germans are fortunately not afraid of crossing musical borders. The result is a brutal, intense and innovative record. The peculiar cover artwork gives no hint about what to expect. Song titles like Don’t Piss Down Our Backs And Tell Us It’s Raining, Ride The Horse To War With No Shoes On, Handcuff-Rodeo,…also testify a weird sense of humour.

Following an intro, Don’t Piss… outlines what Crash My Deville is all about. After a dark and sluggish start, more metallic riffs take over, featuring also real growls and less extreme parts. These ingredients return on most of the songs, but the proportions are never the same so that enough variation is guaranteed. Two singersprovide clean respectively growling and shouting vocals, and even if this idea isn’t new, it still works as it is supposed to be. The three parted The Glamour is the album’s centrepiece with its atmospheric and psychotic structures.

Please Glamour, Don’t Hurt Them is a strong album with extraordinary songwriting. Not a single track can be considered a disappointment, and Crash My Deville show that it still is possible to play music built upon metalcore basics that can entertain nevertheless.

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