CREAM OF THE CAKE - Oh Yeah!... Fly Up To The Sky

Cream Of The Cake - Oh Yeah!... Fly Up To The Sky

7 songs
35:44 minutes


Lately there has been something like a punk revival in Luxembourg, mostly by really young people who make me feel like an old man when I go to concerts these days. Some bands truly kick arse (Poshblokes, Last Millennium Suckers), but quite a few are still struggling to find their style.

The Cream Of The Cake are of the latter category, and although the original cover artwork of their 7-song CD promises a lot, the music itself can't fulfil the expectations. The first mistake is that most of the music is very mid-tempo, with song structures that are just too long for punk rock. The vocals lack the dynamic anger you would expect from song titles like Asking My Mother For A Gun or Executing Every Black Revolutionist.

But before I am becoming too negative, I also have to admit that I have a lot of respect for this band, as the average band age was 15 years when they recorded that CD, and those who start early have a lot of time to improve.

It also needs to be said that the last two songs are home-recorded respectively live, so only the first five ones have good sound quality. Still, even where this album is not yet one you would listen to too many times, The Cream Of The Cake still deserve that their album be bought by punk fans young and old alike, although I think that they are no longer active, as can be read on their website. Five points with the hope that these young guys will come back with more developed music in the future.

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