CREEPSHOW - Run For Your Life

Creepshow - Run For Your Life

11 songs
28:13 minutes
***** ****
People Like You


Although Run For Your Life is already the second album by Canadian punkabillies The Creepshow, they didn’t get much recognition in Europe before due to the little attention of their debut Sell Your Soul over here. I got my first positive impression of this band during their great performance at the Bad Boys For Life Tour at the Kulturfabrik in Esch/Alzette this spring. The advance track Run For Your Life on a label compilation made me definitely hungry for more.

Their mixture of punk rock and rockabilly works also perfectly on the other tracks on the new album. Sarah Sin, who is a textbook example of a blonde bombshell, has a marvellous voice that varies from sensuous to sassy, creating many different moods. The three musicians also have a bold demeanour, with especially the skull motif on the double bass making for a creepy image. The Creepshop are apt at writing simple songs with catchy hooks that invite instantly to dance and sing along. Buried Alive and Demon Love are two pieces that easily keep the level of the title track. At times they veer off into the melancholic, with songs like Take My Hand and You’ll Come Crawlin’ sporting such a retro flair that they would be the perfect soundtrack for the Porky’s movie series. Rockabilly guitars, double bass, some organ parts and many multilayered vocals are the ingredients for an optimal punkabilly sound, and although normally I am not a fan of that genre, The Creepshow have hit bull’s eye.

Run For Your Life is for me one of the most refreshing and audacious albums of this year which is now nearly over. The Creepshow are able with their carefree attitude to address a broader audience than that of their genre. The too short running time is the only sore point. By the way Sarah Sin released a Sarah Blackwood a nearly all acoustic country CD (Way Back Home on Wolverine Records), but unplugged and without her band, she’s not as exciting.

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