CREEPSHOW - Sell Your Soul

Creepshow - Sell Your Soul

11 songs
31:01 minutes
***** ***
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About half a year ago, I got in touch with the second CD by Canadians The Creepshow. Their easygoing kind of psychobilly only hardly missed a maximum grade, even though I am not a particular fan of that genre. I guess their last album must have aroused similar reaction all over, or how can one explain that their label decided to re-release their debut Sell Your Soul from 2006?

To make things a little more attractive, the new version has been dubbed Ultimate Collector’s Edition and contains two additional video clips (The Garden, Zombies Ate Her Brain) on the CD and comes with an additional live DVD (not included in my promo package).

Those familiar with the material from their last album Run For Your Life will have no problem accessing the debut. The Creepshow play the usual mix of rockabilly, psychobilly and a little bit of horror punk. Never aiming for a too complex sound, they put their emphasis on fast, melodic and catchy compositions that are outfitted by clear and dynamic female vocals. Male backing choirs, a groovy double bass and cool guitar riffs complete the picture. So everything still the same? No, because the singer here is not Sarah Sin, but her older sister Deb Blackwood who had to take a break due to a pregnancy. Being a mom must be such a time consuming task that Sarah Sin has in the meantime become a permanent member of the Creepshow. The two sisters not only look alike, but their singing styles are nearly identical too. Most tracks turned out to become rather fast, but the slightly melancholic and mellower The Garden reminds a little of the country recordings Sarah Sin did under her real name Sarah Blackwood.

Does it make finally sense to acquire this re-release? Those who don’t own the original version will definitely get their kicks out of the fun songwriting, but even the few other people get something worthwhile with the bonus DVD which features a show recorded in Chemnitz on March 23rd 2008. I saw the band only nine days later at the Kulturfabrik in Esch/Alzette and can only confirm their undeniable stage qualities.

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