CRESCENT SHIELD - The Stars Of Never Seen

Crescent Shield - The Stars Of Never Seen

9 songs
48:58 minutes
***** ***
Cruz Del Sur


If an American band is signed to the Italian label Cruz Del Sur, you can be quite sure that you’re expecting quality, and Crescent Shield don’t disappoint. Although The Stars Of Never Seen is only their second album so far, the band members all have gathered experience in previous bands. Most people should at least be familiar with guitarist Dan DeLucie’s former band Destiny’s End, fronted by Helstar vocalist James Rivera, that released two CDs at the turn of the millennium.

Crescent Shield consequently adopt the typical American power metal sound that lies somewhere between the aforementioned bands and Iced Earth. The album begins on an epic note with the seven minute long Under Cover Of Shadows, offering a perfect example of formal mid-tempo US metal. This is followed by The Grand Horizon where the quartet proves that they are also adept at faster material. It’s this switching between epic and fast songs that prevents monotony and maintains a steady level of suspense throughout the record. While their more majestic tracks, like the nine minute long The Endurance and the concluding Lifespan, convey a strong touch of drama, I somehow prefer their more aggressive stance, like the hectic My Anger and the short and peculiar The Bellman.

What Crescent Shield lack is an own identity. It doesn’t really disturb, because they are quite accomplished songwriters, but eventually their take on classic metal from the new world prevents me from giving them an even higher rating. The fact that they have the hottest bass player in the world doesn’t change this either. The Stars Of Never Seen is perfect ear fodder for all those that love the muscular American variety of heavy metal that started sometime in the mid-Eighties and still sprouts new promising bands on a regular basis.

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