CRIME IN STEREO - Crime In Stereo Is Dead

Crime In Stereo - Crime In Stereo Is Dead

11 songs
35:12 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


Crime In Stereo from Long Island started their career as a classic hardcore punk band. In 2003 they released their debut which was still inspired by bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Warzone, Shutdown, etc. Their third album Crime In Stereo Is Dead presents the band from a much more melodic side and brings a huge amount of emo influences into the music.

Even if emo music can be sometimes quite boring, Crime In Stereo have found the right mixture of hardcore, punk rock and emo for their new work. Angry moments have become quite rare, and the band surprises with an excellent integration of harmonies and a sense for pop appeal. If you have to look for comparisons: Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere, Descendants and Rise Against would be the first bands to come to my mind. What most songs have in common is respectable speed, but the songwriting itself is diverse enough. Some tracks head more into a punk direction (But You Are Vast, Choker), others have nice pop structures (Animal Pharm, Nixon), and some others again show what rock music is about (Almost Ghostless). Two less fast tracks are the well working Unfortunate Tourists and the slow, but droning Orbiter.

You can’t say that Crime In Stereo Is Dead is a too innovative record, but listening to it is ideal for doing some work in your office or driving your car. The cover artwork consisting of two semi-transparent sheets is looking gorgeous, but the album title is a bit too inspired by The Refused. The most important thing is that Crime In Stereo have accomplished a huge musical change without losing any credibility.

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