CRIMINAL - No Gods No Masters

Criminal - No Gods No Masters

11 songs
39:58 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Criminal's new album No Gods No Masters makes sure that they are still one of South America's hottest metal bands. On their 4th album, they play brutal thrash metal heavier than ever before. Founding members Rodrigo Contreras (lead guitar, bass) and ex-Pentagram main man Anton Reisenegger (guitar, bass, vocals) found a great line-up for the new album: Zac O'Neil (Extreme Noise Terror) on drums and Mark Royce (ex-Entwined) on keyboards. The song structures are much more complex than ever before. Criminal's thrash metal is slightly combined with industrial elements and the result is a sound reminding me a lot of early VoiVod. The opener Aberration surprises with an unexpected mix of aggressive but technical riffs and very melodic instrumental parts. It doesn't matter if you pick some classic thrash metal songs like Consumed or Violent Change, or if you choose the more complex stuff (Downfall, Deconstruction), all songs are played on an extremely high level that Criminal have never reached before. Guitar work and double bass are excellent and the keyboards give the songs sometimes a slightly symphonic touch. The vocals also contribute to make this a master piece of heavy music. As you can't complain about the sound either, you must hope that Criminal will get some well deserved attention as a reward for their great job.

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