CRIMINAL - White Hell

Criminal - White Hell

12 songs
50:10 minutes
***** ***


Criminal switched for their new record White Hell their label, line-up and even country. After a couple of releases on Metal Blade, they have now signed with Massacre, and relocated from warm Chile to the much colder and wetter United Kingdom. All these changes didn’t really leave many traces, which is not really bad, as Criminal have always been one of the greatest brutal thrash metal bands on this planet.

Criminal uphold the high level from the predecessor Sicario which is already four years old. The band convinces once again from a musical point of view, especially the precise drumming and the many virtuoso guitar solos stand out. Criminal’s complex thrash metal emphasises velocity as well as precision. This works exceedingly well on the hectic The Infidel reminding a little of early Slayer. Criminal’s main influences may still be At The Gates and early Sepultura, but there could be many worse comparisons. Even if most tracks take no prisoners, some include groovier parts that allow for breathing space. This can be heard excellently on Mobrule. The vocals are nothing out of the ordinary, but raw vocals are what you would expect on such an album. The surpringly long running time manages effortlessly to make it to the end without any weak moments.

White Hell allows Criminal to recover their position in the thrash metal league. Thrash and death metal fans are the target audience and should try to get their hands on the limited edition which comes with a ninety minute bonus DVD.

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