CROSS X - Negative Words

Cross X - Negative Words

14 songs
49:20 minutes

Cross X are a relatively young German band who share the drummer with German porn'n'roll band Sick Of Society. So it's no big surprise that I got the latest SOS CD together with the first self-produced CD by Cross X. Both CDs contain 14 songs, although the Cross X is more than double the running time. Now what does that mean?

Mmmh, where SOS are coming right to the point, Cross X seem very unfocused most of the times. Their name already hints that they crossover new metal and hardcore music, but really in not a too convincing way. The vocals lack the proper amount of aggression, and the production is not transparent enough for that kind of music. The songs themselves are not sticking in my mind. The only thing I prefer on Cross X to SOS is that Cross X use real drums all the time.

Otherwise the price for this CD are very social 8.50 Euro (includind postage), and you can go ahead and download some songs on their homepage. I am not too fond of this CD and give it therefore only 3 weak points, with the hope that the next album is more compact and hard.

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