CROWFISH - Requiem For A Broken Heart

Crowfish - Requiem For A Broken Heart

8 songs
44:54 minutes
***** ***


Alternative music from Bulgaria is a very rare phenomenon on this homepage. Crowfish describe themselves as a melodic pop punk band. The opener Porcelain is a nice alternative pop song with a very warm and melodic refrain. After that rather soft start, Crowfish show that they are also able to play faster. Nicotine, More Than A Reason and No More Goodbyes are classic punk pop tunes suitable to be played on every college radio station. The most melodic emo song is called Drawing Paintings. Although I prefer Crowfish's punk side, they often go back to more relax tunes. 4 am is a very calm indie pop song with soft prog rock elements. I also like very much There's Nothing Left To Say which reminds me of a Spookey Ruben ballad. Finally there's the 10 minutes lasting title song which has a too calm start, but is building up and getting more exciting. My general impression is that Crowfish have done a good job, but they could sometimes be harder. But itís no surprise that they are so laid back considering that their rehearsal room window gives a panorama view of the Bulgarian black sea.

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