CROWN - Crowned In Terror

Crown - Crowned In Terror

11 songs
43:06 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade

The Crown, one of the many bands formerly known as Crown Of Thorns, have the reputation to be one of Sweden's fastest metal bands. While listening to their last album Deathrace King (2000), it was obvious that this title described the band's music. Definitely inspired by Slayer's classic Reign In Blood, The Crown try on each album to play faster, which aim they achieved again on Crowned In Terror, which is meanwhile their fifth output. Songs like Under The Whip or the title track are extremely fast, speedy guitars and blasting drum beats are overwhelming your ears. Although most of the songs are played at maximum speed, the CD is also containing some mid-tempo tracks as for instance World Below. As it's impossible to describe the style played by The Crown (music is a mixture of death and thrash metal, vocals are sometimes close to black metal), this makes Crowned In Terror another milestone of The Crown's discography. By the way, most vocals are about Satanism. The Crown do neither believe in God nor in Satan, but in their eyes, Satanism is the best way to express and live pure freedom.

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