CRUEL HAND - Prying Eyes

Cruel Hand - Prying Eyes

12 songs
23:18 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


Prying Eyes is the first album from American old school hardcore band Cruel Hand, but three of the five members are also active with hardcore veterans Outbreak who are also signed by Bridge Nine. There are obvious musical similarities, as both bands flirt strongly with the NYHC sound, reminding me quite often of Madball.

With songs averaging two minutes, it’s obvious that the quintet doesn’t want to lose time, preferring to perform their songs at a fast pace. Some tracks, like the opener Above And Below and Damaged Good, are a little slower but sound just as brutal. Cruel Hand sound authentic enough, making you believe that their anger comes really deep from within themselves. Fans of pure hardcore sounds get their money’s worth whenever Cruel Hand deliver their killer grooves or Biohazard styled gang shouts.

Despite the promising approach, one needs to question the usefulness of this record. Everything presented here has been done by many other hardcore bands already in the past, sometimes even more grippingly. Prying Eyes is definitely not a bad album, but lacks the certain something.

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