Crushing Sun - TAO

11 songs
50:01 minutes
***** ***
Major Label


Portuguese modern thrash metal band Crushing Sun started already back in 2004, but it took them six years to come up with their official debut album TAO. Prior to this, they released an EP and a split-CD with E.A.K. I believe it was high time for this record to be released, as I had to listen to a lot of much less talented newcomer bands before.

Don’t expect pure thrash metal from Crushin Sun, even though this is the bedrock of their sound. Many other genres like death, black, grind and some metalcore have been added, which makes it rather hard to pigeonhole the band. And that’s a good thing, as Crushing Sun have built a lot of tension into their songwriting. The music seems inspired by contemporary bands like Lamb Of God and Gojira, to name but two. Even though Crushing Sun are mostly acting quite brutally, with the growls well integrated into the sound, there is a strong dark and atmospheric undercurrent that allows comparisons to Neurosis, as is best demonstrated on Cantilever and Jane’s Trail. TAO is a little like a surprise bag, full of unexpected wonders. The jarring 37 Celsius reminisces of early Celtic Frost, and 20 to 20.000 Hertz is a short instrumental where the band is showing off their technical skills.

Modern metal has not been reinvented by Crushing Sun, but TAO is nonetheless a very mature and varied effort that shows that the band is not wearing blinders. These guys are more than ready to push Moonspell from the altar of Portuguese metal, and are definitely fit to be heard by the international masses.

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