Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power

11 songs
55:43 minutes


After Chapter I and Blood, Guts & Glory, Cryonic Temple from Sweden have released their third album. In the past, they often had to endure criticism that their music was nothing else than just ordinary true metal, something you have already heard over a thousand times before. Now, on their new CD, guess what, nothing has changed. Cryonic Temple just seem to be obsessed with power and melodic speed metal as it was played in the mid-Eighties by Helloween or Iron Maiden for instance. Especially Wolfcry and Mr Gold are very inspired by the British metal institution. Shark Attack is another tribute to metal heroes from the Eighties, namely W.A.S.P. This song differs more from the rest of the album which is very traditional and stuck about twenty years in the past.

From a technical point of view, nothing can be said against Cryonic Temple. The album lives from a very strong and powerful production, the song writing isn't too bad either and Cryonic Temple show on various occasions that they know how to write beautiful melodies and simple choruses that aren't too difficult to remember. One negative point surely are the clicheful lyrics (Eternal Flames Of Metal, Beast Slayer). Even more disturbing are the vocals which sound too forced.

Cryonic Temple have done no progress. Again they present their usual trademarks: starting with a boring intro, the songs are tributes to Eighties metal heroes. There are of course two metal hymns, only the ballad is missing. I don't see why you just should pick this record if you like traditional or true metal. I prefer listening to the original bands.

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