CYSTED - Return Of The Dominant Supremacy

Cysted - Return Of The Dominant Supremacy

10 songs
49:24 minutes
***** ***


If you want to make Sepultura responsible for opening the doors to metal bands from Brazil, you might as well thank Goregiastic Records from New York for promoting Colombian extreme metal bands worldwide. Where most of this label's outputs head into the grind and splatter genres, Cysted offset themselves very agreeably from the average. Led by guitar player and vocalist David Narvaez Calderon, Cysted are heavily influenced by late-Eithies American death metal, combining fast paced death parts with epic majestic moments, with a band that's as interested in adding technical prowess as delivering some of the most aggressive death metal available. And while Mr Calderon claims to have been heavily influenced by the late Chuck Schuldiner, Cysted remind me rather of the more occult Morbid Angel or the excellent Nile, with whom they share a love for Egyptian mythology.

Return Of The Dominant Supremacy is a more than impressive debut album, showing a band that has been active in the Colombian metal scene since the late Nineties, collecting experience and routine, resulting in this really fine album that could have done of course with a slightly better production and without the closing Invocation To The Power Of The Twilight Zone, a 7 minute long song of tribal drumming. Apart from that, this is surprisingly refreshing, so that I recommend it to every fan of technical brutal death metal.

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