THE DADDS - French Kiss

The Dadds - French Kiss

7 songs
23:02 minutes
***** **
Beyond Your Mind


The Dadds from Rennes in France were founded in 2002, but they had been waiting for five years before they decided to release their first EP. Although the quantity is a bit sparse, the quality doesn’t disappoint.

Even if you often hear it said that the French and the English don’t come along too well, The Dadds are able to combine English rock’n’roll with French pop music, everything kept at a rather retro level. The English rock elements show some parallels to The Buzzcocks, The Kinks, the Beatles and The Who, the French pop side hints at Jacques Dutronc and Johnny Hallyday. This mixture of French and English influences is reflected in the vocals, too. There are four songs in The Dadds’ native language and three songs in the international language of rock’n’roll. The recipe works fine in both languages. My favourite song is the melodic tune Je vais the manquer (a cover version of Thirteenth Floor Elevators’ You’re Gonna Miss Me), but also the organ based songs Ma poule aux yeux d’or and Johnny Thunders Is My Broom are great.

I already mentioned that the album is rather short, but this is maybe a good thing. After a quarter of an hour, the French Kiss experience starts becoming a bit repetitive and the better songs have been placed more towards the beginning of the record. But there is no real blackout on the album even if the last track is a bit too bluesy for my taste. Nevertheless, it’s a short, but dynamic pleasure listening to this record.

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