DADDY GILJOTEEN - Once They Called Me A Prodigy…

Daddy Giljoteen - Once They Called Me A Prodigy…

10 songs
36:14 minutes
***** ****
Nordic Notes


I am always very suspicious when I get to hold a blues album in my hand. Too often it all sounds too samey for my ears, and also I am no fan of artists that don’t try to innovate. But Daddy Giljoteen from Finland are an action blues band, and that’s already a whole different story. The three-piece combines on its debut American blues with Fifties rock’n’roll, envelops their sound into a contemporary production, and band leader Taylor is not only a versatile guitarist who also plays piano, balalaika and mouth harp, but he has also a very dirty voice that is tailor-made – pardon the pun – for gritty blues music. Where the opener Do The Skeleton and the fast Coffee For My Ego are pure rock’n’roll tracks, John The Baptist is unwashed delta blues, and Gathering Blues has a certain Captain Beefheart flair. The ballad Allison Number 9 even manages to convey a romantically melancholic atmosphere. Only the two last songs are a bit longer, more than five minutes each. Holy Land; The Reclamation is pure blues on acoustic guitar, and the final track My Road-Song is a truly epic rock song which could be on the soundtrack for a Finnish road movie.

Daddy Giljoteen haven’t changed my attitude towards blues music, but they definitely show that also that genre embraces some daring artists with innovative concepts, making Once They Called Me A Prodigy… one of my favourite blues albums of all time.

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