Damnation Army - Tyrant

7 songs
40:54 minutes
***** ***


Tyrant is the second album by Damnation Army, a Swedish death metal project. It's in fact no real band as Thomas Nyholm does the vocals and plays all the instruments (bass, guitar, drums) on the entire album. Compared to his debut The Art Of Occult (2004), the new release is darker, more mid-paced and contains doomier melancholic parts. Especially Dalia underlines that Tyrant is not an album about creating new speed records.

Although melodic and even melancholic passages can be found on the album, it contains also rather extreme parts suitable for black and death metal fans. The album opens with the straight-forward To Death Arms. Soldier Of The Damned and Enchanted By The Mystical Fire are evil tracks where a dark atmosphere gets confronted with classic death metal vocals. My favourite track is A Dagger Right In Your Heart which could as well have been found on Bathory's Under The Sign Of The Black Mark. Poisoning Your Mind is another highlight where doom and death metal get mixed well together.

There's a dark lyrical concept on the album which explains the demonic and infernal voice. Tyrant has become a mature extreme metal album which probably will be attract a huge amount of metalheads. It's not groundbreaking, but an interesting combination of different styles. Considering that Damnation Army is a one man project, Thomas Nyholm can be very proud about the result. I just wonder if he will find suitable musicians for live shows.

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