DANNY TANNER - The Finest Grind

Danny Tanner - The Finest Grind

12 songs
23:11 minutes


Modesty is certainly not one their virtues. New Jersey grinders Danny Tanner self-confidently called their debut longplayer The Finest Grind, which it certainly is not. While looking the band up on the Internet, I noticed that there seem to be two kinds of people: those who love them and those who loathe them. Now I see myself somewhere in between. Chris Netta is a killer guitarist, and Pete Colucci’s unprocessed vocals are gargantuan, to say the least. Danny Tanner, who have called themselves after a character from an early Nineties US sit-com, are not the first band to use programmed beats, but theirs are just not very good. Instead of trying to sound as organic as possible, you get sometimes freakishly fast blastbeats that sound more comical than aggressive. Also the lack of a bass player leaves the band sadly devoid of low frequencies, which again makes listening to their music quite an ordeal after a few tracks. This is not even my subjective opinion, but every music pedagogue can tell you that music that dwells too much in high frequencies can result in some serious earaches.

Apart from that, you get a lot of samples, a funny pencil drawn cover artwork that any disturbed ten year old could have accomplished, and a few mellower moments on An International Fried Chicken Ambassador and That Certain Aspect that let you regain your breath for a moment.

The Finest Grind is a slightly failed attempt at an accomplished grindcore album. If Danny Tanner decided to complete their line-up with a bass player and a real drummer, I could see them rise to the very top of the grind scene in the future, because the talent is there. They now only need the means.

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