DANY DES RUES - Restaurant Ó volontÚ

Dany Des Rues - Restaurant Ó volontÚ

9 songs
32:46 minutes
***** **
Piot Piot


Benabar was playing at the Rockhal the same day I went to see Carmen Consoli. When we left after the show(s), there was this mid-Thirties French guy with his dilapidated guitar playing desperately his music to those who left. Most of them just relished the overdone big band music by Benabar and probably didn't understand why anyone would play a free concert after such a night. I thought that it takes some guts to make your way through the moonscape to the Rockhal just to play for some uninterested people, and promptly gave the guitarist a couple of coins, which made him come after me and give me his CD Restaurant Ó volontÚ. I was so taken aback that I just left him with my remaining coins (probably about 6 Euros, not that much really), and this came into possession of a Dany Des Rues album.

Restaurant Ó volontÚ is very lo-fi French chanson music, inspired by the likes of Renaud and Jean-Louis Aubert, but done in a more amateurish, na´ve way. The songs have sweet and sad lyrics, something you can only write when you grow up by giving up school early and deciding to live as an independent artist. Although a lot on this album could have been done more professionally, it's this cheapish approach that makes Restaurant Ó volontÚ a special experience. This is an album which can't be truer to the spirit of the artist, where singer/songwriter finally gains meaning and isn't just a label that many too-well-off people use to ease their conscience.

As Dany Des Rues lives close to the Luxembourgish border, you will probably always see him playing in front of waiting lines to concerts. I don't know if people are interested in his music, but I admire his determination. His music, which at times is solo guitar and vocals and sometimes is accompanied by a fragmentary band, isn't bad either, if you like lo-fi troubadour stuff. Certainly worth being checked out.

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