DARK AGE - A Matter Of Trust

Dark Age - A Matter Of Trust

11 songs
42:09 minutes


Four years ago I really liked the then current Dark Age album Acedia due to its immense variety, and with nine points only nearly failed the maximum grade. I was hoping for its successor A Matter Of Trust to be similarly exciting, but unfortunately I feel rather let down by the bandís eighth studio album.

Dark Age started in 1994 as a death metal band, and since then they have strayed further and further from their original orientation. By now you hardly recognise any of their erstwhile brutality, and despite some heavier guitar parts, A Matter Of Trust has turned out to be a much too soft affair. Most of the time the band is opting for a mix between modern metal and dark wave, which is not a very suspenseful playing field. The vocals are clear and are mostly working alright. The two major problems of this record is the lacking pace and the overly dominant role of the keyboards. Even a track like Fight!, which at least shows some promise, loses all momentum with its many slowed down breaks. I seem to remember that the predecessor Acedia was a lot more varied than A Matter Of Trust. The cover artwork is another hint that the band has lost much of its aggression over the years. Glory and The Great Escape for instance are two tracks that are just as unexciting as U2 on a lazy day. The concluding Onwards! finally feels like the last nail in the coffin.

I am really disappointed that Dark Age couldnít come up with anything more suspenseful after four long years. The numerous ideas that made them so appealing in the past are no longer present. Instead they emphasise their quiet side which doesnít really work that well for a metal band. Maybe ten to fifteen years ago, when dark wave / gothic metal was still young, this might have pleased me more, but nowadays I can only hope that Dark Age will head back to their original verve that made them such an interesting band in the past.

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