DARKANE - Demonic Art

Darkane - Demonic Art

11 songs
46:01 minutes
***** ****


Darkane from Sweden started in 1998 after the break-up of Agretator and released busily albums, making Demonic Art already the fifth one by the five-piece.

From a musical perspective, they oscillate between solid thrash and melodic death metal, with a clear emphasis on the former. After a bombastic intro, Darkane combine spectacularly old and new school. Although the pace of their songs is often impressively fast, you never get the impression that they want to sound as brutal as possible. Flawlessly arranged choruses with imposing choirs, exceptionally complex guitar work and riffs of the highest order should astonish even the most demanding metal fan. Especially the screamed vocals that lie somewhere between Devin Townsend and Meshuggah left quite a mark on me. Those who are not deterred by the more intricate and don’t mind mathy passages are destined to get their kicks out of Demonic Art. At times the band makes concessions to modern metal, as on Execution. My favourite track is Soul Survivor, as its hectic atmosphere reminds me of Holy Terror, the probably most underrated thrash metal band ever.

They have not come up with anything really new, as a similar approach could be heard by bands like Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and even Filter in the past. But Darkane are exquisite songwriters, able to add fresh breath to a genre which is not so popular at the moment. Fans of technical thrash and prog metal should definitely invest their time into Demonic Art.

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