DARKNESS ABLAZE - Darkness Ablaze

Darkness Ablaze - Darkness Ablaze

8 songs
37:58 minutes
Black Bards


Darkness Ablaze are a melodic black metal band from Germany which was founded in 2002. It took them five years until they self-released their debut. One year later, it was given another take by Black Bards who added four live clips as a bonus.

After having to struggle through a vapid piano intro, the album starts with Lonely I March, a fast black metal song alternating raw and melodic parts, all in all sounding quite modern and possibly even ok for metalcore fans. Things get shriller on Dance Of Fire, while the following Black Rainbow heads again more into the direction of the first track. The second half starts yet again with a long and quiet intro, before Ascend From Ashes works as a wake-up call. The CD’s highlight is The Demon Prevails which adds some pagan elements. The album ends with Once Called For Redemption where the band experiments with atmospheric sounds.

I doubt that Darkness Ablaze’s intentions are bad, but unfortunately they strongly lack originality. Graveworm and Finntroll are only two bands that play similar music with much more suspense. The Germans’ first attempt can’t really be labelled a success, but it can always be hoped that the future will see them striving for a more differentiated approach.

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