DARK REMAINS - A Construct To Obliterate

Dark Remains - A Construct To Obliterate

8 songs
43:28 minutes
***** ***
Dutch Metal


That there is more to the Dutch city of Gouda than just cheese is proven by death metal band Dark Remains who was founded in 1998. After Death Manifestation (2002) and Planet Earth Scourged (2006), this promising act is now back with its third album A Construct To Obliterate.

Like so many other bands, the quintet is also only cooking with water, but they have a damned good recipe book. The first impression may let you think that Dark Remains are just another old school death metal band, but a closer inspection reveals much more. Songwriting and production are exquisite, and despite intense, brutal parts, they hardly ever try to break any speed limits. Due to the low tuned instruments, the sound gets a doomy flair reminding somewhat of early Celtic Frost. Dark Remains actually use rather simple structures, but their attraction comes from never overcharging their songs. Especially Fool’s March is droning magnificently from the speakers. Another highlight is Hatred’s Glory where gothic and extremely heavy parts are smartly alternating. Banned To The Sheol sounds a little more chaotic, but the pitch black Click Of Death is once more inserting a slower pace. The album ends with the varied Demon’s Dance, a cover version of a song by Dutch doom metal band Mourning. They could only have done with the feedback noise at the end.

Dark Remains don’t tread on unexplored paths, but their huge motivation allows them to concoct a refreshing album that has you screaming for more. Dark Remains should therefore have the potential to climb out of their insider status.

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