DARK THE SUNS - All Ends In Silence

Dark The Suns - All Ends In Silence

10 songs
45:02 minutes


Already Dark The Sun’s debut In Darkness Comes Beauty couldn’t convince me. I don’t doubt that other people like it better than me, but I remain with my opinion: it’s unfortunate that their follow-up All Ends In Silence not only sports an equally kitsch title, but feels like a mere rehashing of the debut.

Dark The Suns take pride in playing melodic metal with piano and dark vocals. As far as I know, this modus operandi is currently quite en vogue in the northern parts of Europe, which makes it hard for me to understand how they can boast to have created something original. Copy/pasting the old review would therefore hardly make any difference. The band seems afraid of taking risks, just like on their previous CD. Their music works for one or two tracks, but then I get fed up with the repetition. Worst off all is the omnipresent obtrusive piano and the synthetic strings that sound anything but real. The songs switch between faster rhythmic material and more melancholic compositions, but they run out of steam pretty quickly. Hiring a female guest vocalist for the concluding Gone is definitely no new idea either and can’t save the record.

I don’t doubt that Dark The Suns have some talent. Their problem is that they cling desperately to fixed structures and don’t have the guts to try new paths. With a little more courage, they could certainly come up with something more worthwhile.

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