DARK THE SUNS - In Darkness Comes Beauty

Dark The Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty

10 songs
40:02 minutes


Nowadays it’s always getting harder to perform original music as there have already been so many different trendy music movements in the past. That explains why most current releases can easily be compared to earlier arrived artists, which doesn’t always mean that the newcomers can’t entertain anymore. Unfortunately there are also some bands that are so awful clones and are playing such uninspired music that listening to their album a second time becomes a true ordeal.

This is the case for Dark The Suns from Finland who claim to play melodic metal music with beautiful piano parts and dark vocals. In other words, this means that Dark The Suns are just another gothic metal band with death metal growls. The most terrifying aspect on their album is the dreadful keyboard imitating a piano with a too dominating role. Seven of ten tracks start with more or less the same piano entry that annoys already after the second song. Their combination of gothic and extreme metal isn’t innovative at all and can’t keep my attention for a long time.

Dark The Suns are probably ok for one song on a metal radio show or in a gothic disco, but to keep my attention for forty minutes, there’s simply not enough substance and variation on In Darkness Comes Beauty. So far the beauty stays hidden inside the darkness, and as long as Dark The Suns don’t make any progress, I prefer to listen to better gothic and death metal bands.

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