DAS POP - The Human Thing

Das Pop - The Human Thing

15 songs
59:43 minutes
***** ****
Haldern Pop


In the early Nineties, a new alternative pop wave emerged in tiny Belgium. revealing several bands with a perfect sense for melancholic melodies. dEUS were the most famous and popular band, but there were other ones like Mad Dog Loose, Moondog Jr. and Zita Swoon. A more recent band are Das Pop, founded in 1998. I first got in contact with them in 2000 when I saw them at the Dour Festival and bought their second CD I Love which was a fine example for Belgian first class pop. You could only blame Das Pop for having been unable to hide their origins. It's not too difficult to hear that they were influenced by the above mentioned bands. But talking about a lack of talent wouldn't be fair either as the song structures are much too mature to be called simple clones.

The Human Thing is a pop album with many facettes. First of all, their singer has a very sad and emotional voice that can be counted as one of Belgium's best. The song writing and the use of instruments is astonishingly diverse. There are melancholic tracks like Another World and The Machine, easy listening stuff like All Wrong and Feelgood Factors and more noisy songs like You which comes in an English and in a German version, Du. Concerning the instrumentation, you find such different instruments as noisy guitars and casio-like synthesizers. Quite bizarre, but interesting nevertheless. Even if Belgian soccer recently disappointed, our neighbours still have one of the best European pop scenes.

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