DAWN OF WINTER - The Peaceful Dead

Dawn Of Winter - The Peaceful Dead

10 songs
56:04 minutes
***** ****


Doom metal from Germany is quite an exotic concept. Although our neighbours to the East are very fond of metal in general, doom metal never made it out of the underground. Dawn Of Winter started already back in 1990, and although they released quite a few demos up to their debut album in 1998, The Peaceful Dead is only their second longplayer so far. One good reason for this would be that the vocalist and the guitarist are having more success with the later founded but much more popular true metal band Sacred Steel.

Dawn Of Winter play extremely slow paced music that draws parallels to early Cathedral, Saint Vitus and Count Raven. Their music has a strong old school tendency, but is arranged smartly enough to make it more than just a bad case of plagiarism. The songs seem to flow into one another, making for a fluent listening experience that is full of variety. On Mourner and Burn Another Sinner, Dawn Of Winter add agitating aggressive parts, Throne Of Isolation enchants with a melancholic mood. The singer’s vocal range includes everything from the dark and gloomy to the epic and dramatic. The ten minute long title track which concludes the album is the undisputed highlight, summarising one more time the band’s qualities.

Dawn Of Winter have always lived in the shadow of the better known Sacred Steel, but The Peaceful Dead should be reason enough to emancipate them finally. This is a great album that every doom metal fan should have, especially in this impending winter season.

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