DeadBoyDreaming - (Advance)

6 songs
20:31 minutes
***** ***


A short half year after their initial CD-EP A.L.C.P., Luxembourgish death grind heroes are nearly back already. I am holding in my hands an advance CD for their next release, and although there is not much change compared to the debut, DBD consequently follow their path of upper speed mid-tempo old school death metal with ultra deep growling vocals and a twisted sense of humour that you discover at first in the insane hand drawn cover artwork, but is mirrored also in song titles like Adult Song and Party Song.

DBD don't need death metal clichés to make their songs work, and that's what makes them so refreshing in a scene where you need a PhD in cryptography to decipher even a band name.

The advance CD features six tracks reminding me on the slower moments of early Cannibal Corpse, but as soon as they speed up, as on the aforementioned Party Song, I see parallels to death'n'rolling Entombed and Austrian bondage rockers Pungent Stench.

The production is very raw, like on the debut, and although fans of technical US death metal may be a bit overwhelmed by DBD's hardcore attitude, this young band is certainly adept at drawing crowds from many different fan bases. I am looking forward already to the release of their new CD.

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