Dead Cowboy's Sluts - The Hand Of Death

14 songs
54:52 minutes
***** ***
M & O


Dead Cowboy’s Sluts is quite a vulgar band name, and the cover artwork fits accordingly. Still you shouldn’t be deterred too soon and give the album some of your time if you are in the mood for some decent thrash and even a little sludge metal. The band consists of four musicians, was founded in Paris at the end of 2010 and, the following year, self-released a first EP which left such a good impression that they are now back with their first longplayer on a record label.

Like with so many other metal bands, one has to suffer first through a longish intro before things truly start with Asylum Breakout. Dead Cowboy’s Sluts name Pantera and Down as their major influences, which should be enough to reveal the general direction. Most songs are fast, aggressive and insistent, making it rarely beyond four minutes. All of this is highlighted by a powerful production which furthermore emphasises the omnipresent brutality. Especially the triggered drums on The Hand Of Death – Part II, for which the band also made a video clip – show how uncompromising this French quartet can sound. You’ll also find songs like I Will Hunt You Down and Purify The Fire that show that the band is even able to allow for some emo elements to increase the dramatic potential even more. Another recommendable track is the rather gloomy Skullcrusher where the band creates an intensity one is usually used to only from the likes of Neurosis. The concluding Backdraft finally manages to show an entirely different face of the band: this could pass for an authentic Southern rock song.

The French metal scene has built itself quite a reputation these last few years, and Dead Cowboy’s Sluts show no reason why I should revise my opinion. The Hand Of Death is an enormously furious record which should give every headbanger tons of pleasure. The band even doesn’t miss on some quieter moments to allow the neck muscles some respite.

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