The Dead Lay Waiting - We Rise

12 songs
44:24 minutes
***** ***


The Dead Lay Waiting are a British death metal band that has been around for a couple of years. Earlier this year they have been signed by the busy metal label Rising Records which releases now their first longplayer We Rise. The info sheet and the band photo make you expect just another emo core band, but fortunately their album has to offer much more.

The opener Anxiety comes with evil growls and melodic death metal riffs, yet the chorus is quite catchy, doing justice to their emo image. The following 50S comes already with more ferocity and should therefore appeal also to fans of more extreme metal. The album continues in that vein, because We Rise doesn’t contain two succeeding tracks that have been knitted after the same pattern. Next to emo smashers like What We’ve Done, the CD also contains pure death metal tracks like Just In Time, and even mean rocking moments as can be heard on the convincing title track. Their talent for crossovering can be heard on the groovy and rhythmic We Stand As One and on the concluding I Will Return which reminds a little of the early Biohazard.

Actually The Dead Lay Waiting only offer proven recipes, as they never try something really new. But they managed to concoct a tasty brew which leaves you wanting for more, thanks to their fresh and uncomplicated approach. These five young Englishmen deserve to be watched closely.

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