THE DEAD NOTES - Entertainment Is The Purpose

The Dead Notes - Entertainment Is The Purpose

13 songs
44:24 minutes
***** **
My Redemption


Entertainment Is The Purpose is already quite a promising title for the second album of German band The Dead Notes, and the leitmotif mostly applies. The cover artwork and the digipak’s layout are also appetising, making me instantly curious of what’s hidden inside.

If I were to write a short review, I’d just say that the band plays very simple yet passionate and timeless rock’n’roll. The Dead Notes have been around since 2003 and have played already more than 100 shows. This has given them enough experience to let them know that an album is supposed to sound varied. Even though rock’n’roll is the foundation of their music, they still cover a lot of different territory. Partly they are inspired by the so-called Eighties poser rock. Influences from Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi can for instance be made out on the title track and on Bad News. Occasionally they are acting less polished: the gritty She’s Born A Rebel could as well have come from Airbourne. Some street punk has been added to Out Of My Head, while Destination Nowhere might appeal to the glam rock faction. The bonus track Hang On comes acoustically but thanks to the very raw vocals never sounds too tame.

The Dead Notes won’t get a prize for originality, but it’s still a lot of fun to listen to their catchy and captivating rock music. What they lack in creativity is made up with their impeccable flair for fitting riffs. The album is ideal for any party and thus has fulfilled its mission.

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