DEBAUCHERY - Back In Blood

Debauchery - Back In Blood

18 songs
62:41 minutes
***** ***


Debauchery are often compared to American death metal icon Six Feet Under. On their fourth album Back In Blood, the Germans are trying to combine the effective simplicity of SFU with the groovy approach of 1980s AC/DC, hence the album title. We could criticise Debauchery for being anything but original, but at least the eleven songs on their new album work. They will of course never reach the cult status of the kangaroo hardrockers, but their own material bridges the gap between old school death metal with a punk edge and whiskey tinged hardrock. The production works miracles of course, but also the two guitarists with their gritty chops and melodic solos help to make Back In Blood a death metal highlight.

This release comes as a double-album, with the second disc containing seven cover versions from bands like Genesis, Rammstein, Beatles, Manowar and others. My promo CD only features three of them, and I must say that Debauchery are much, much better at doing their own stuff than they are at interpreting other artists’ songs. By using keyboards, they take a lot of power out of the pop songs, and in the end it just sounds like faithful renditions of the originals with heavy guitars and growling vocals. Six Feet Under did this better on Graveyard Classics… and even covered on the sequel the entire Back In Black album from AC/DC, which closes the circle and this review.

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