DEBAUCHERY - Rockers & War

Debauchery - Rockers & War

11 songs
45:52 minutes
***** ****


The strangely titled Rockers & War is already the sixth albumby German death metal band Debauchery. Taking into account that they have only around since 2002, it becomes clear that the four musicians are as busy as a bee.

Rockers & War has been subdivided into two parts, according to a poll on their homepage. The first six tracks cover the brutal metal territory, while the remaining five pieces come across as a homage to AC/DC. Already the opener There Is Only War impresses with a wonderfully hectic approach, giving the band members ample room to prove their respective skills. You get typical growls and tons of blast beats reminding of Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under and Morbid Angel. This is matched by terrific double bass drum attacks, intricate guitar solos, atmospheric keyboards, black metal blasts and other weird sounds that guarantee the band a certain amount of originality.

After the fantastic first six songs, it’s time for a radical stylistic change. The band doesn’t hide their love for AC/DC, as their album Back In Blood from 2007 was a homage to their Australian idols. Musically they continue in a more relaxed mood, with the vocals covering everything from rough growls to a singing style not only the one by Brian Johnson. I prefer the first half of the album, but can live also very well with the latter one.

Debauchery can doubtlessly be counted among the metal bands that still sound refreshing. Unfortunately there are few artists that dare to walk this unconventional path. Let’s hope that Debauchery get all the attention they deserve! Listen and enjoy!

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