DECADENCE - 3rd Stage Of Decay

Decadence - 3rd Stage Of Decay

8 songs
35:59 minutes
***** ***


Although the Swedish band Decadence was only founded in 2003, the five musicians have been quite active and released three CDs until 2006. Their first two albums were self-released, the third one came out on a small label. Massacre Records were so convinced of their qualities that they decided to reissue 3rd Stage Of Decay two years later.

Decadence was started by vocalist Metallic Kitty, who lives up to her name. The photogenic and nice looking lady transforms into a real power woman once she grabs the microphone. Don’t expect a sweet angel voice or opera arias full of pathos! Instead we get brutally extreme vocals that we are only used to hear from women in Holy Moses, Triosphere and Arch Enemy. The idea is therefore not new, but still executed with clarity and ingenuity.

The four male musicians are also quite adept, attacking us with heavy thrash attacks that remind of the late Eighties and early Nineties. The opener Corrosion treats you with staccato riffing and fierce double bass drum blasts, making appetite for more. You even get a breeze of black metal on the title track. Sculpture and Invert show Decadence from a more demanding and progressive side. The songs are full of breaks and pace changes, so that you never lack variety or melodic moments.

Decadence are good enough to play on an international level, which justifies the re-release of this excellent CD. Decadence are meanwhile already working busily on their fourth album.

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