Decapitated - Nihility

8 songs
35:07 minutes
***** ****

Poland makes most civilised people only think of the Pope and Vader, of course. The latter may become some serious competition with the young death metal hopefuls Decapitated. The name, cover artwork and haircuts make you expect the worst, but I was positively surprised once I was confronted with their ultratechnical death metal.

Decapitated sound very American in their approach, and their technical skills, combined with inhuman grinding speed, let them take it on with any East American death band any day of the week. Although the four-piece is playing at full speed all of the time, they still know how to make their music memorable with very professional guitar playing and out-of-this-world breaks that you would normally only expect from bands like Atheist. But don't worry: Decapitated music is always very listenable, and you never get the impression that they use those progressive influences just to show off their abilities.

I haven't given death metal bands lately the maximum point value because I am still waiting for the one album that makes me get off, but I'm not lying when I am saying that Decapitated come very close to that. 9 fat points for an album whose only bad part is its rather short playing time... but the 35 minutes you'll get are worth it every second of it.

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