DEEP EYNDE - Bad Blood

Deep Eynde - Bad Blood

13 songs
41:26 minutes
***** **
People Like You


Early in the new millennium, Hollywood’s Deep Eynde, who had so far released two albums, were discovered by Duane Peters (Die Hunns, US Bombs) who helped them get a record deal. Shadowland, their first release for People Like You Records, was an entertaining gothic horror punk CD. Deep Eynde don’t make the mistake to re-record more or less the same album. Bad Blood is actually faster and catchier than their previous CD.

The first three tracks are quite dynamic punk tracks, influenced by The Damned, The Ramones, The Stooges and especially the Misfits. The songs have sing-along choruses that don’t leave your mind too easily. The fourth track, Casualty Of Love, is a calmer song, displaying a confrontation between melodic punk and typical Eighties wave sound as known for instance by the Lords Of The New Church. As the album has a less dark approach than the previous one, there are more faster and catchier tunes, although this unfortunately gives the album a more repetitive touch. Fans of older Deep Eynde stuff will appreciate the calm, but nice The Calling, Divide The Day with its emo and wave moments, and especially Under The Knife, a slower gothic horror track which would have fitted perfectly on Shadowland.

On the cover picture is a broken heart, one of the main topics on the record. A lot of songs are about broken relationships and the artists’ wrath towards their ex-girlfriends. Other subjects are horror themes (Zombie Kids, the album’s fastest song and Lonely Wolves).

The best Deep Eynde song doesn’t of course reach the same level as an average Misfits song, but the Misfits are a band no other band should be compared to. Bad Blood is nevertheless a well done punk rock album which should work fine on any party. If the entire album were as strong as its beginning, a higher rating would have been possible.

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