Deep Inside Myself - At A Late Hour

13 songs
60:11 minutes
***** **


Deep Inside Myself were founded in 1993 after the dissolution of the bands Gone Sadness and Hereafter And Now. During the years, the band had lots of problems with member changes, but nowadays they are a three-piece using a drum machine. I don't know if the actual CD At A Late Hour is a debut, but it is an interesting mixture of gothic metal and dark rock. Dominating guitars, clear vocals and lots of keyboards draw strong parallels to Moonspell, which is not the worst possible comparison. However they are not afraid of using rougher vocals which gives some songs a more brutal metal touch (A Part Of Me). Although Deep Inside Myself never are able to sound very original or unique, their songs show however strong diversions: One Single Answer is quite an epic song, Helpless Victim is very fast and What You May Say is really calm. Furthermore the album is taking profit from an excellent production. The CD definitely is interesting for fans of Moonspell and maybe Crematory, but Deep Inside Myself should nevertheless try to find their own way.

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