dEFDUMp - The Sparkle Has Become A Flame

dEFDUMp - The Sparkle Has Become A Flame

3 songs
14:57 minutes
***** *****


dEFDUMp are back with a new CD-EP, only 3 songs this time, but this is the best stuff they have ever done, and I mean it. The CD starts out with the brutal Cliché, which has not only a killer groove, but has some cool samples at the end which adds a gloomy atmosphere to that song. The second track, The Underlying Tone, is the 'weakest' song here, although it still is better than 99% of any hardcore music you will ever hear. The last song The World Burns And We Are Singing Songs is the heart piece of this EP. Not only is it 6 minutes long, but it's pushing the typical dEFDUMp sound even further. This may not be hardcore, but I am more and more reminded of the god-like Voivod.

Apart from being really good songwriters, they also know how to play their instruments in a truly unique fashion. The guitars have a very emotional sound, the bass is well pronounced, and the drums to more than just play a steady rhythm. Usel's vocals switch from screamo-aggression to his lamented melodic vocals without any forewarning. This is scary, there is soul and suffering in this music. And they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen.

This is world class hardcore, and anything less than 10 points would be an insult.

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