DERECHO - Dropped At 10.000 Feet

Derecho - Dropped At 10.000 Feet

5 songs
19:01 minutes
***** ***
Friendly Psychics


Dan Miller has been a long time producer for Friendly Psychics Music, but only now he has dared to take over the instruments. In his band Derecho, he played nearly all the parts, only Chris Jones did the bass guitar, and label founder John Wenzel guests as guitarist and vocalist.

They call their influences Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, ELO and Tobin Sprout, which should help to give an impression of what to expect. Like we are used from Friendly Psychics Music, Derecho are sounding quite lo-fi, but they still differ from other genre bands. While the opener Plight Of The Dropsonde Operator still sounds rather typical, the band shows their love for Sixties retro patterns on the two following tracks. Derecho are also open for further musical styles on Canadian Whiskey with musical parts la Hedwig and the Angry Inch but also blues elements. The CD’s top moment comes with the concluding Measured In Millions with John Wenzel on vocals, turning this song into a regular hit.

Derecho are another new musical project from Friendly Psychics Music that instantly knows to please. But just like their label mates Brainswarm, they have to prove that they are able to keep up this high quality level on a hopefully soon-to-follow longplayer.

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