Derek Sherinian - Mythology

9 songs
45:48 minutes
***** *


Dream Theater are not only the most popular progressive metal band from all times, they also have the singular gift of getting keyboard players who feel just as comfortable doing solo stuff. Actual member Jordan Rudess for instance delivered with Rhythm Of Time a grand piece of keyboard music earlier this year, while their first keyboarder Kevin Moore even topped it with the new Chroma Key album. And, like the French say, "jamais deux sans trois", we also get the third album by Dream Theater's second keyboarder Derek Sherinian, and as much as I was looking forward to it, I have to admit that I am slightly brought back to Earth after repeated listening. Where Rudess is just a crazy man who acts like a kid in a sweets shop, Sherinian has a more decent attitude towards music and sees himself rather as a composer. So instead of getting a keyboard heavy album, it sounds more as a guitar virtuoso album, as Sherinian had Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Steve Lukather (Toto), John Sykes (Blue Murder) and Allan Holdsworth (UK) playing the guitars, while other big names play bass (Tony Franklin), violin (Mahavishnu Orchestra's Jerry Goodman) and drums (Simon Phillips).

This brings it all down to too many cooks... Apart from the opener Day Of The Dead and the aggressive God Of War, there's not much catching my attention. Sure enough this is a perfectly done album, but with so many people involved, it never seems to go anywhere. Sherinian is not only doing rock, metal, prog and jazz, there are also flamenco and salsa bits, and while I admire his stylistic range, Mythology just never seems like a true album, but rather like an odds-and-ends collection of songs that at times couldn't be more different.

Those of you who really love the Shrapnel school of guitars, and want it taken one step further, couldn't find a better album like this, but all of us normal mortal will never get access to this overly virtuosic piece of music.

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