DESDEMONIA - Existence

Desdemonia - Existence

10 songs
48:03 minutes
***** ***


Some things seem impossible in Luxembourg, and no one would ever dare to hope for them to happen. I mean, who actually believes that Melusina will climb one day out of the Alzette river, or that William will climb off his horse on the Knuedler, or that the Christian Conservatives will no longer govern the country? There were just as few Luxembourgers who believed that Desdemonia would really release their third album that had been promised for many years. But then this last one did happen, even if we had to wait for nine years since their last record Paralyzed.

Desdemonia were doubtlessly the first local death metal that could be taken seriously, and since their early days, they made a good figure in the recording studio as well as, more frequently, on stage. The good news is that this hasn’t changed, because Desdemonia still convince with technically impeccable death metal. Less positive is the fact that there are hardly any surprises to be found on Existence. Compared to its predecessor, the new album makes it hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since then. This is not overly dramatic, because after such a long time span, one should be happy to hold a new longplayer in one’s hands.

The four musicians have gathered a lot of experience since the band's inception, and this can be heard on every single track. The balance between aggressive and melodic parts is ideal, and there is also an impressive amount of pace changes. Those who like it more playful should check out Forever, fans of brutal metal will get their share on Deep Down and Dare To Fail.

Desdemonia have fulfilled the expectations, nothing more, nothing less. If you happen to like classic death metal, Existence will be full of joy for you. The band has definitely managed to prove that they are still to be reckoned with. Let’s just hope that they won’t take so long for their fourth CD.

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