Destination's Calling - Invisible Walls

11 songs
45:49 minutes


Destination’s Calling from Bavaria have been around since 1999. Apart from a couple of demo CDs, Invisible Walls is the first official album of this power metal band. Self-released in 2006, it was picked up by a label two years later to be made accessible to a wider audience.

The record start with the apparently mandatory yet unspectacular intro, before Fallen From Grace sets the pace: Destination’s Calling have an inclination for well behaved and melodic sounds. The following Sinthetic is an improvement. Played faster and sporting excellent guitar work, it reminds me of old Helloween. Unfortunately this track seems to have been the exception. The next two songs have a stale taste and lack the necessary bite. The longer title track is another winner, with lots of breaks that prove that the guys can come up with valuable ideas. The CD ends with a nasty ballad, two overly traditional metal tracks and an icky hymn that is even cheesier than Freedom Call’s Carry On.

There are no complaints from a technical point of view, but that’s not enough to play in the top league. The vocalist’s clean performance is beyond good and evil. I have heard worse, but a less polished and more direct approach would help a lot. The top notch production finally takes the most out of this album.

Melodic metal fans might be attracted to this product, but I imagine that even that genre has spawned many more mature bands. Destination’s Calling still have a long way to go, but it’s not hopeless, as they have shown promise on a few tracks.

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