DEVIN TOWNSEND - Ziltoid, The Omniscient

Devin Townsend - Ziltoid, The Omniscient

11 songs
53:52 minutes
***** ****


Devin Townsend albums are never easy listening affairs and his latest output Ziltoid, The Omniscient doesn’t make an exception, and is even able to top Devil Townsend’s past works. The cover artwork looks like a science fiction B-movie from the Fifties. The hilarious concept is about Ziltoid the alien who’s coming to earth in order to find the ultimate cup of blackest coffee which will not be used as a drink, but as fuel for his spaceship. As the earthlings are giving him coffee of lesser quality, he’s attacking our planet. Between the songs, there are spoken word parts as from Orson Wells radio plays.

The music is again extremely weird, but there’s really nothing we haven’t heard from Devin Townsend in the past. There are epic, fast parts, quite melodic melodies and even atmospheric moments. The multi-layered vocals are as usually working very well as already known on previews albums from Ocean Machine and Strapping Young Lad. The songs are quite long and have enough time to develop Devin Townsend’s potential. Great tracks are the powerful By Your Command with many industrial metal elements and Solar Winds which starts in a more dramatic way before transforming slowly into a prog rock hymn. The danceable Hyperdrive has the potential to become a club hit. Devin Townsend has done everything by himself: songwriting, singing, playing all the instruments and programming the beats with a drum computer called Drumkit from Hell, designed and manufactured by Meshuggah’s Fredrik Thodendal. If Devin Townsend had hired a real drummer, the sound would have been warmer and less sterile.

The radio passages are the only thing we haven’t had on former Devin Townsend records, and although the music isn’t too innovative for his standards, it’s still extraordinary, far above average and fulfilling its expectations. Devin Townsend is an extraordinary musician you can’t compare to anyone else. And as long as his albums know to fascinate as much as this one, he really doesn’t need to change. I adore this trashy space opera.

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