Devin Townsend Project - Ghost

12 songs
72:45 minutes
***** *


One might wonder if Deconstruction left Devin Townsend exhausted. The incredible amount of energy of that album has brought him back down to earth. Acting even quieter than on Ki, Ghost comes with two different cover artworks. One shows a bay at dusk, the other dew on a green leaf.

There are lots of acoustic guitars and flutes on Ghost which is anything but a metal album. Rather we are in the presence of a relaxing, esoteric experiment which at first sounds rather pleasant. A track like Heart Baby would work just fine as the soundtrack for a nature documentary. Despite the music’s dreamy mood, there is always a certain amount of tension to be felt. The best songs are the catchy Ghost with its nice melody and the following Blackberry that comes with strong female vocals.

Unfortunately the second half can’t quite uphold the level of the first one. It is known that Ghost is meant to be a mellow album, but towards the end there are more and more tracks that are either unspectacular or drawn too long. Infinite Ocean is just too long as not enough happens during its eight minutes.

Ghost would have been more successful if Devin Townsend had reduced it to the size of an EP. Most of his fans have a metal background and therefore probably difficulties finding access to this unusually new age experience.

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