DIE MY DEMON - Smell The Rat

Die My Demon - Smell The Rat

14 songs
36:58 minutes


Band name and artwork made me hope for some kind of sick but melodic punk rock, considering the obvious links to the Misfits and the cartoonish violence displayed on the album cover. After an intro, the first song I Shot Kani (downloadable on the band's website) shows an unexpected no-fun attitude. Lyrics full of violence (Fuck You Justin, for instance, is a hate song about Justin Timberlake) and peer solidarity make this an uncompromising old school hardcore album. Even the music hits every available cliché, from the stomping mid-tempo parts to the faster punkish moments, and every chorus shouted together. While Sick Of It All, Blood For Blood and Madball made this genre popular a great many years ago, people's tastes (at least in Luxembourg) seem to be right now divided between 70s street punk and progressive math core, so that Die My Demon are somewhere besides the sign of the times.

When you take the time to read the member profiles on their website, you get the impression of a really nice bunch of guys (those who love the early Kevin Smith movies and Louis de Funès can't be bad people), so this makes the angry attitude on this album even more disappointing. Yes, the songs are well played, but the song writing is hardly original, with an end result seeming to be ten years late at least. Our French and Belgian neighbours seem to have a stronger affinity for old school hardcore, so maybe it's just me who isn't fond of this CD. So you better check out their website and the downloads and make up your mind for yourself.

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