DIGNITY - Project Destiny

Dignity - Project Destiny

9 songs
42:44 minutes


Dignity are a new melodic metal band from Austria. They were founded in 2006 by the two former Edenbridge members Roland Navratil (drums) and Martin Mayr (guitar). The five-piece is completed by the bass player John Boy Bastard (who never gives justice to his name), keyboarder Frank Pitters whose playing is quite dominant, and Swedish vocalist Jake E., who used to sing in Dreamland and Dream Evil… probably only wanting to be a part of bands starting with a D.

Dignity try hard to sound melodic and catchy, but when you lose all your heaviness along the way, the final result can disappoint. Although aiming for variety with cheesy hymns, majestic moments, oriental elements and playful tunes, they lack that certain grittiness and also symphonic grandeur that would elevate this album out of the average. Especially the soft vocals that reminded me of Modern Talking’s Thomas Anders mar the impression. The only highlight is their cover version of Chris de Burgh’s Don’t Pay The Ferryman, where they prove that they have a sense of humour after all, by choosing an annoying pop hit instead of going the safe way by redoing just another hard rock classic.

Those who like clean melodic metal with lots of tralala choruses might get a kick out of Project Destiny. Otherwise, this is the kind of music that didn’t pass the test of time, making it hard for Dignity to leave a lasting impact with their debut.

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