DINA 3 - Der Mann der niemals lachte

Dina 3 - Der Mann der niemals lachte

3 songs
9:21 minutes
***** **


Not bad, this first demo CD by German three-piece Dina 3. As the three songs are not even 10 minutes long, I have set the CD-player on repeat, so that I must have been listening already half a dozen times to the CD, and that's only for now.

It's hard to pinpoint this band to one genre. Sure, there are elements of punk, but on listening more closely, I would rather call it power pop, with a lot of duh-duh-duh's in the opener Silberwolkenleicht. This even reminds me a bit of French power popsters Foggy Bottom who are also a three-piece with one woman. Dina 3 are less funny, therefore a bit more serious, but what can one expect from Germans? Just kidding, of course. The title song is more rocking, while the third song Talk im Affect is a sarcastic essay about dumb talk shows.

The production sounds very demo-like, but that's charming in this case, as Dina 3 have good hooks in their songs which are more important than perfect production, in my opinion. For those of you who want to hear more, visit the band's website where you can download these 3 songs plus 4 other songs not from this demo. But be so nice to drop these guys a word of appreciation.

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