DINA 3 - Porno I

Dina 3 - Porno I

4 songs
12:51 minutes
***** ***


Dina 3 are probably Germany's most productive pop band. Every few months, they release another EP containing a handful of songs. The new EP has a very promising title and is about one of my favourite themes: pornography. The opener Jenny Drahtseilakt is a dynamic and melodic pop song with an Iggy Pop-like beginning and very funny lyrics. Dina 3 are making fun of female German pop stars like Blümchen or Jeannette Biedermann. The second song is called Sie haben Kredit and is quite unusual for Dina 3. Instead of lovely pop tunes, this is a song containing wave and NDW elements. A welcome change compared to Was wäre wenn, the only weaker song on the CD. This track is much too slow and mellow and you have the impression that they try to become candidates for Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Finally Meine neue Freundin is a classic song in usual Dina 3 pop tradition. The subtitle of this album is Pop für Schlaue (pop for clever people) and I can agree that these songs are much more entertaining than most pop stuff you hear on commercial radio stations. By the way, you can download all Dina 3 songs on their homepage. A great attitude by a very good band. Thumps up!

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