DINA 3 - ...rettet die Welt!

Dina 3 - ...rettet die Welt!

5 songs
14:53 minutes
***** ***


The German three-piece Dina3 can't be described as a lazy band. Every few months, they release another EP, all totally DIY, without the support of a label. The new output is called ...rettet die Welt! and the songs are again first class. As usual, the production is kept at a lo-fi level which gives the music a certain charm. Dina3 are lucky to have one the best German singers. The opener Schein ist mein Herz is a moderate pop rock song which already makes you look forward to the rest of the CD. The next song is called Dein Herz ist eine Mördergrube and proofs that Dina3 also know how to rock. Licht & Immergrün is my favourite track on the CD because it's a wonderful and melancholic pop pearl. Schnauze is a short interludium and the fifth track is a hidden bonus song. I just can tell you to write to the band if you like alternative pop tunes. Dina3 sell their CDs at absolute non profit prices.

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